Redfin – Residential Architectural Styles: 9 Architects Share Their Predictions

Residential Architectural Styles: 9 Architects Share Their Predictions

Published on May 6, 2021 by Julia Weaver


As the pandemic swept across the country, we found ourselves spending more time than ever surrounded by the same four walls of our homes. COVID-19 forced us to do almost everything at home from working and exercising, to schooling and socially distanced gatherings. The pandemic slowly changed what we need out of our homes, and residential architectural styles and trends quickly adapted.

We spoke with 9 expert architects, from Vancouver, CA to Miami, FL, to find out what residential architectural styles they predict you’ll see in popular home styles across the housing market.

Multifunctional spaces are on the rise in residential architectural styles

We’re already seeing urban residents transforming their homes to support the multifunctional purpose for working at home. Besides the first rule of my practice – to do more with less space – I’m seeing the design aesthetic reflected in furnishings we select or create for dens/second bedrooms that are also offices, open kitchens central to interactive lifestyles, built-ins that maximize storage in every room and ultimately result in contemporary minimalism.

Paula McDonald Design Build & Interiors

Floor plans that offer functional, shared spaces with private space for each family member

The pandemic has taught us all to be adaptable and creative to complete our daily tasks, yet stay safe. Our homes must also be more reflective of the more multifunctional purposes they serve and be designed as a place to come together but offer individualized private, functional space for each person living there.

– Dawn Elise Interiors

Building an eco-friendly home in a location you love

After spending the past year in the confines of their older and outdated homes, many of our clients are using Connect Homes to replace their existing house. Instead of entering the national housing frenzy and moving to an unfamiliar new neighborhood, our clients are choosing to build a house they love in a location they love. People are looking for modern homes that have open, bright spaces that are efficiently and sustainably built.

– Connect Homes

Upcoming residential architectural styles will create more space with fewer materials

Post pandemic residential architectural design will feature more diverse spaces in and around the home, public and private spaces will be the norm as we separate our living and working, and we will do more with less material in interesting ways as material costs soar.

– Michael Waechter, AIA, at Waechter Architects

Timeless design that brings joy and inspiration

As people have spent more time in their homes, we have seen a greater appreciation and desire for better residential architectural design. Spaces that are well-proportioned, flow well, oriented to take advantage of views, and natural light and ventilation. These well-designed spaces bring joy to our daily living and enhance, inspire, and enrich our lives. Thoughtful design is timeless and transcends passing trends.

–  Philip “Pip” White, founder and principal at WhiteSpace Architects




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