Small Space Renovations in a Prewar Studio

140 W 69th St, NYC

Transforming a Tiny Pied-à-Terre


By: Paula McDonald Design Build & Interiors

Location: 140 W 69th St, NYC

Construction Duration: 2 and 1/2 months

The Full Story Behind the Modern Renovation of this Upper West Side Studio

demo walls, kitchen & bath, new closets, new waste location in bath, stained & refinished floors. Small space renovations are truly the most challenging and rewarding of any project size because the finite space demands ingenuity. We cannot move walls or hallways or combine apartments to solve spatial problems—yet must still achieve the vision and design goals for the space. This studio is a great example; it balanced the modern influence in a prewar setting with an interesting warmth and flow. The owners had definitive tastes and style, but tremendous time constraints. In less than two weeks we were able to achieve the perfect color, texture of materials, and products. The result is an integrated, open space where design details are essential to the apartment feeling larger than it really is. The gem was evident in its final reveal: seeing how this “new” space moved Henry and Hilary was precious and the ultimate complement. They loved their new home and couldn’t believe its transformation!!

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