UWS Prewar Junior 4 Transformation

205 W 89th St, NYC

Construction Duration: 4 months

Complete Apartment Renovation: This Prewar, 1 BR/1Bath was in original (over 100 years old) condition needing complete rewiring, new window air conditioning (could not install through the wall), along with designing a kitchen to fit the less then code (40 inches) passage clearance in the existing kitchen!! We updated the gas meter, and we had to redesign everything back to fit existing bath layout because we did not have enough space comply with ADA requirements (in both kitchen and bath) so we could not turn the toilet as planned!! So, we changed our custom vanity maximizing storage and used a classic prewar design with gorgeous statuario honed marble and transformed this bathroom into a WOW!!

The Kitchen is probably the narrowest we’ve ever done with a column to work around at the entrance!! Despite having to put the “jog” back, we found the matching honed marble backsplash created a beautiful artistic Siteline to the window. We chose a classic white contemporary custom cabinet design, grounded with a dark grey porcelain floor to make the space feel bigger. The new windows and Mahogany stained refinished floor added the perfect finishing touches to a Prewar Gem! We love it!!