Selected Projects

300 CPW, NYC

Construction Duration: 4 months

Complete Renovation including 11 Landmark Windows Replaced. This project began as a love affair with artisan tile and a connection to the essence of its organic beauty and a commission to design two bathroom accent walls.

In time, the project grew to an understanding and interplay of the building’s art deco provenance and the eye of the apartment’s owner on a larger scale. The project scope grew to a transformation of the original character of a phenomenal space into a modern, classic perspective, utilizing materials to convey the purest expression of the space. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. The elegance of subtlety and exquisite balance of material, light, color and texture is the foundation for the interior décor. It is rare that we have the opportunity to rise to the challenge of renovating a living space that stands on its own without further adornment!! This is one of my favorite, and most challenging creations through the eyes of its’ owner.