5 Things You Need to Know About Luxury Kitchen Renovations in NYC

If you’re looking to make your New York City apartment or townhouse into something special, it won’t be long before you begin thinking about luxury kitchen renovations. Your kitchen is likely to be the center of both your daily routine and social activity, particularly if you entertain guests on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, completing kitchen renovations in NYC is not as simple as some designers or TV shows would have you think. You need to have a plan, firm ideas about your design preferences, and the right team to bring your vision to life.

Experience with NYC kitchen remodeling projects and full renovations – including dozens of prewar apartments throughout the city – has taught me how important it is to pay close attention to the details if you want to actually build what you carefully designed. Today, I want to share five things you need to know about luxury kitchen renovation before you get started…

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#1 Design and Function Work Together

No two NYC kitchen renovation projects are ever the same, if only because people are as unique as their apartments. Someone who regularly hosts dinners or cocktail parties is going to have different needs than a person who cooks for a large family. Ideally, your new kitchen should reflect both your personal style and the functional needs you have for a busy kitchen area.


#2 Use Every Inch of Available Space

Small kitchens are the norm in NYC, unfortunately, no matter where you are in the city. However, you may be able to move or knock down walls in order to create more open space between cooking surfaces and living spaces. Making this kind of change can really open up the space both for entertaining and engaging with family or friends.


#3 Pay Attention to the Details

If you aren’t careful, it’s easy to miss small details. There are many small decisions that have to be made about flooring, cabinetry, hardware, and electrical layouts can have significant impact on your satisfaction later. Pay close attention to all the little things, and don’t work with a designer who doesn’t have an eye for detail.


#4 Focus on Lighting Design

It’s crucial to have the right lighting available in any room, especially one where you and your guests will be spending so much time. By focusing on light, you can make a space feel warmer, larger, and more comfortable. Most kitchens don’t have enough lighting in their design plans, even though it’s essential.


#5 Choose the Right NYC Kitchen Renovation Firm

As a designer, I get the joy of guiding my clients through the imagination and renovation process step-by-step, ensuring their vision comes through with each option or decision. The result is perfection, which is the perfect blend of comfort and style in their dream kitchen.


Work With the Best Kitchen Renovation Firm in NYC

Do you want to transform your apartment from ordinary to spectacular? Schedule a meeting with renowned NYC designer and renovation specialist Paula McDonald today. She can help you take your dream of a more beautiful and functional living space and turn it into a reality.

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