How to Approach Luxury Apartment Renovations in NYC

Your home is an investment, a sanctuary, and a setting for social gatherings. It only makes sense you would want it to be as perfect as possible.

In my experience, that realization can be the driving force behind luxury apartment remodeling, but also a factor in the difficulty of updating them. I have worked with clients who had prewar apartments, apartments with limited space, and even a few that needed major structural work. I have seen the best and the worst New York City has to offer, from the Upper East Side to the Upper West, downtown, and everywhere in between. Each of these needed to be perfect in its own way.

Luxury Apartment Renovations in NYC
What I have learned through the years is that it helps to follow a few guiding principles when approaching luxury apartment renovations in NYC. Today, I want to pass a little bit of that advice on to you…

Start With a Design Style and Color Scheme

Many apartment owners, in their excitement to get started on the gut renovation process, will begin choosing flooring, tiles, and even furniture. These are important decisions, of course, but they shouldn’t be the first ones you make.

My preferred approach is to establish a style and color scheme you prefer first. That way, you can concentrate on the major themes and then choose complementary elements that will work well together. Otherwise, your interior renovation could leave your apartment with a disjointed feeling.


Think Ahead to the Way Different Spaces Will be Used

Luxury home renovation in NYC isn’t just about the way your apartment looks, but also how comfortable you are living in your space. Will you be working at home? Relaxing after a long day? Raising children or entertaining guests?

By thinking in these terms, you can not only close in the perfect design choices for your renovation or remodeling project, but also plan for sunlight, fixtures, electrical outlets, flooring choices, and much more. It’s important that your remodeled apartment match your style and your functional needs.


Draw on Experience

It’s one thing to have a decorator with a good eye for color and light; it’s another thing to have an expert on all aspects of luxury apartment renovations in NYC on your side. From space planning to layouts, every project is different and there are always unexpected issues that arise. One space in the Upper West Side could be drastically different from another next to Central Park. Experience with areas like construction and coop-imposed building constraints can make all the difference in the world.

The right professional can help you navigate these issues while also managing the interior renovation process. They can help you stay true to your style and budget while also giving you the feedback and perspective you’ll need when home renovation choices start to feel overwhelming. Having these integrated elements in one firm is the ideal solution for creating the perfect apartment.


Want to Know More About Luxury Apartment Remodeling in NYC?

Amazing apartments aren’t created by accident. If you want to turn your living space into the home you have always dreamed of owning, call Paula McDonald – the authority in NYC apartment renovation services – today. She can help you turn your vision into a space you can be proud of and guide you step-by-step through the remodeling process with an interior design consultation or renovation planning consultation.

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