5 Secrets to Kitchen Renovations in NYC

When it comes to luxury kitchen renovations in NYC, it’s not always easy to develop a vision and a set of design inspirations. Turning them into a workable plan – and actually getting a kitchen that looks great and serves your needs – is a even more difficult.

I’m sure you’ve heard countless stories from friends about kitchen renovations in NYC that end up taking more time and money than anticipated. To keep your project under control, you need to have the right plan and the right company so you begin with some solid guidance from the start.

Open Kitchen Features

I want to help you get the luxury apartment you’ve been dreaming of. That’s why today I’m going to share five of my secrets to successful kitchen renovations in NYC…


Plan Extensively Before You Act

As with any luxury apartment remodeling project, it’s a good idea to have a detailed plan firmly in place before any work begins. You need to know exactly what you want to spend, what you’re hoping to get for your investment, and what kind of decor and lifestyle you are aiming for before you can start kitchen design and renovation in NYC. Then you can start to fill in the details with your kitchen renovation firm.


Maximize the Available Space in Your Kitchen

Open concepts, induction ranges, and built-in appliances all give your kitchen more of an open, free-flowing feeling. That’s something you’ll appreciate every time you enjoy dinner at home or invite friends and colleagues. Achieving the plan you want for the most important space in your home requires expertise to optimize every inch of available room.


Consider Using a Kitchen Island

Open kitchens are sometimes thought of as being trendy in NYC, and it certainly is a popular topic right now. However, it’s also very functional. With walls open and the right surfaces, you have a place to prepare meals, sit at the breakfast Peninsula, or use as a focal point of the room when you entertain guests. It’s a simple way to make your kitchen feel more useful than it otherwise would. Don’t forget, though – getting here is the challenge!


Choose the Surfaces That Fit Your Life

Choosing the right surfaces is a major part of luxury kitchen renovation in NYC. You’ll certainly want to pay attention to the aesthetics and design implications of each choice, not to mention the costs. However, don’t forget that surfaces in a busy kitchen will need to be cleaned and maintained over time. We are finding quartz products that offer durability, easy maintenance, and beautiful selections in this regard.


Make Use of Ceiling Design and Lighting

It’s easy to forget about the importance of lighting and ceiling design in any part of your apartment, but it’s especially important to consider with kitchen remodeling and renovations. Not only will guests frequently find themselves in your kitchen, but it’s a space you’ll want to keep as bright, open, and inviting as possible. LED options provide great light, energy efficiency, and long-lasting durability without sacrificing elegance or style.

Want to turn your kitchen, and the rest of your apartment, into something special? Contact New York City’s leading apartment remodeling specialist Paula McDonald today. After just one short consultation you’ll see why clients across the city won’t take advice from anyone else!

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