The Advantages of Working With a NYC Design Build Firm

Are you thinking of doing some renovations or planning major improvements to your NYC apartment? Traditionally, that might mean hiring a designer and an architect before finding a contractor who could translate these drawings and concepts and make them a reality. In New York City, this can be a daunting process!

Design Build

Today, many homeowners are turning to NYC design build firms (like mine) to help plan the project and then oversee the entire renovation and construction process. Having one vendor to supervise the work can make life easier in several ways. Here are five of the most important…


#1 Why a NYC Design Build Firm Can Help Bring Your Vision to Life in a Seamless Way

Very few clients begin the luxury apartment renovation process without some firm ideas or inspirations in mind. By having a NYC design build firm on your side, you can see that vision brought to life in a way that moves smoothly and continuously with each step because the process is integrated with a big picture point of view for all the moving parts and possibilities to finalize the plan. And, they have the advantage of experience which expedites and streamlines the process to avoid delays.


#2 Having One Resource Means Fewer Communications Issues

If you have worked with NYC contractors in the past, you know how frustrating it can be to find things not built as expected. And, you’ll know the kind of headaches that can arise when different contractors are not on the same page or schedule. You can avoid these issues by having a single design build expert on your side.


#3 Using a Design Build Specialist Can Save Time and Money

When working with several different independent designers and contractors, there is the chance that items will be misquoted or projects will go way over budget. However, an experienced design build firm scopes the cost of your renovations so fewer changes are made and costs are managed.


#4 The Right Design Build Specialist Will Have Local Expertise

NYC apartment renovations are unique because different neighborhoods and buildings all have their own character and challenges. Add in the type of building, along with building management concerns, and you can suddenly find yourself dealing with a complex set of guidelines to comply with. However, with the right design build expert working on your behalf, you can get through these issues with fewer worries and break through red tape.


#5 It’s Less Stressful to Work With One Expert Instead of Many Contractors

In the end, the biggest reason to go with a NYC design build firm is primarily to simplify the process, save time and reduce stress. It can take a lot of time and energy to manage different contractors and processes, even on a relatively simple renovation job. The bigger your vision is, the higher the chance you’ll regret it if you work with a separate designer, architect, and general contractor. We believe the design build model could be the best choice for your renovation.


Want to Learn More?

If you’re contemplating your NYC apartment renovation choices – or simply want to know more about the way a NYC design build expert can make your project easier – then contact Paula McDonald today. In just one short conversation, you’ll see why her clients wouldn’t trust anyone else with a luxury apartment renovation.

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